Below are instructions for caring for your new tattoo. You can download a printable pdf here.

1 - Remove bandage or clear cling-wrap after 2 to 6 hours. Begin the following procedures before going to bed.

2 - Lather an antimicrobial soap with warm water and thoroughly wash the entire tattoo and surrounding area. Wash the tattoo two times every time you wash it. The purpose of this is to wash off any excess surface ink or blood as to prevent scabbing. For your convienience, the tattoo shop sells Optiscrub antimicrobial soap or an antimicrobial soap such as Hibiclens can be found at your local pharmacy. As well as keeping the black ink looking black and the colors healing vibrant and not dull, antimicrobial soap will heal a tattoo much faster than an antibacterial soap.

3 - Allow the tattoo to dry for 30 minutes, patting it dry with a clean paper towel frequently.

4 - Apply a generous coat of healing ointment such as Aquaphor to the entire tattoo. Avoid products like Neosporin, A&D ointment, Vaseline or any “Tattoo-Goo” type products. Those ointments are not the best products you can put on a fresh tattoo. Note– Do not apply hand lotion to your fresh tattoo. Your new tattoo is an open wound and hand lotion should never be applied to an open wound.

5 - After the application of the ointment, wrap the entire tattoo with a clear cling-wrap and keep it wrapped overnight.

6 - In the morning follow step number 2 and 3.

7 - The next step is to let the tattoo dry and breathe during the day. This means do not apply any ointment during the day but to wash the tattoo every few hours with the antimicrobial soap.

8 - At the end of the day repeat steps 2 through 5. Continue to do this same process for four to six days and nights.

9 - After four to six days you can taper off washing the tattoo as much and you can taper off the use of ointment. Begin to apply ointment only to areas that look a bit dry and might need ointment.

10 - Around day seven the tattoo should begin to flake slightly. At this point, once it flakes off and the tattoo becomes smooth with your skin, hand lotion can be applied to prevent dry skin. Hand lotion should be fragrance-free and non-dyed. Vaseline Intensive Care or Curel are acceptable brands of lotion that can be applied in the final stages of healing your new tattoo.

Keep in mind…
- Some people’s lifestyle and jobs might call for the bandaging to occur during the day and the drying of the tattoo to be at night.

- Soaking in a tub, swimming in lakes, pools, rivers, springs, etc. WILL complicate the healing of your tattoo and WILL heal it looking faded.

- Working out muscles and/or stretching muscles in the area that’s been tattooed WILL heal the tattoo looking faded. Please refrain from working out while the tattoo is healing. Rest and healthy habits are the best thing for your new tattoo.



Contact the studio to discuss all piercing aftercare with the piercer. Each piercing has their own method of aftercare and a piercer should be consulted over the phone or in person with any questions.